Cinematic Shoot


Cinematic wedding films have actually revolutionized the Indian wedding industry with their fresh approach to wedding cinema. myPhotoGenie specializes in producing truly personalized films of your wedding day. Focusing on your story as individuals and as a couple is where we draw inspiration for your cinematic film. These films are not just about documenting the wedding but about capturing the true spirit - those beautiful moments and emotions.

Well, when we say that we will be making a wedding cinema, think about it as a professional movie starring you and your partner. It is entirely different from a traditional/regular wedding video which you must have seen everywhere else, covering the entire function in a three – four-hour duration. It has all those important elements which a movie has, such as a song and dance sequence ( if you don’t have such an event planned for your wedding then don’t worry, we are experts in organizing an impromptu sequence ), interviews of the bride, groom, their parents, and all-important family members ( this is the most important element and you can see the videos above to find out why), pre-wedding couple shoots, all the rituals and anything else you want to savor for eternity.

Cinematic Shoot Portfolio